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Track Growth & Opportunities

Measuring your digital marketing performance is just the first step of effective digital marketing management. More importantly, you want to glean insights from your data and apply those insights to improve marketing effectiveness and find opportunities. At Spectrum, we respect data.

We love to dig into the numbers, compare past performance, and calculate how each web page fits into the online sales funnel. Partner with us to make sure your campaigns are accurately tracked, conversions are optimized, and your data is analyzed.

What’s Included?

Many marketers don’t have the time or staff to regularly dig into their performance data. As your analytics resource, we review your performance data and provide guidance on how to maximize your marketing spend and minimize inefficiencies. With a monthly analytics retainer, you receive:

  • Regular analyses of your data including conversion funnels
  • Analytics spam filters, data cleanup, and setting adjustments
  • Lead quality analysis
  • Custom alerts and annotations
  • Systematic testing plans (a/b or multivariate testing)

What metrics are most important to you?

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Focus on What’s Important

Today’s marketing leaders rely more on data to influence their decisions on questions like: What is the most cost-effective channel to drive new customers? What content most engages visitors into my sales funnel? Whether you need data to prove the impact of your marketing efforts or determine growth opportunities, Spectrum can provide the analytics support you need.

Frequently Asked

Why get Google Analytics Support?

Pulling the right reports and interpreting the data for insights is complex and requires technical knowledge and skill. For those who don’t have the time or resources, Google Analytics support provides assistance in analyzing your user behaviors, conversion funnels, and lead quality. Additional support is available for filtering out spam (which can skew your Analytics data), custom alerts, systematic testing plans, and more.

What should I be tracking in Analytics?

In general, Google Analytics uses the ABCs (Audience, Behavior, and Conversions) model. These reports provide summaries about your website and other digital channels (e.g., Google Ads). Depending upon your business goals, marketing strategies, and industry trends, custom reports may also be configured.

Is Analytics testing free?

Currently, there is not a free testing tool within Google Analytics. Once we access your Analytics account and fully understand your marketing goals and associated strategies, we can recommend a testing plan.

Can you filter data on the Analytics reports?

Yes, you can filter data in Analytics. First, we recommend having a raw data view in Analytics to ensure that no data is lost. Then, we can help you configure and apply filters needed to remove, reorganize, or distribute data following specific criteria.

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