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Keeping Pace with Code Updates

WordPress is the world’s most used content management system (CMS) because it keeps pace the ever-changing needs of its users. WordPress has a whole community behind its code, adding and updating new features as well as implementing protocols to foil hackers. With those updates and upgrade, sometimes website integrations or formatting hit a hiccup and need attention. That’s where our WordPress maintenance shines. When updates are implemented, we cross-check to make sure your website’s functionality and appearance is picture-perfect.

What’s Included

Leave the “care and feeding” of your WordPress website to us. Our maintenance services includes:

  • WordPress Core Upgrades – WordPress modifies its core software regularly. They do this to keep the code secure, fix problems, and add new features and functionality. Keeping your WordPress software installation is the single most important factor in protecting your website. You can avoid security breaches and other techno headaches while keeping up-to-date with the latest releases.
  • Plugin Upgrades – The cool thing about WordPress is that you can load lots of bells and whistles onto your website. We make sure your plugins are updated, ensuring your bells ring and whistles chirp just like they’re supposed to.
  • Database Backups – Behind the curtain, your WordPress website contains a bunch of files and databases. Your website is a key marketing asset so it makes good business sense to have a back-up just in case something catastrophic happens.
  • Quality Assurance after Updates – Software updates aren’t perfect. We make sure that your WordPress website is in good working order after any upgrades and updates. We cross-check to confirm your website’s functionality and appearance is picture-perfect.

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WordPress Maintenance with Peace of Mind

Websites are a crucial marketing asset. We have years of experience in maintaining (and developing) WordPress sites. When you partner with us, we’ll handle all core upgrades, plugin updates, data backups and quality checks so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business.

Frequently Asked

Why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

Maintaining an existing website is crucial to keep it up-to-date and secure. Maintenance has to do with keeping WordPress up-to-date with its core upgrades along with your plug-ins, keeping a database backup, and quality assurance after every update to deal with bugs and technical issues.

Does it matter what host I’m using?

WordPress is an adaptable and versatile platform, but we do give our clients our recommended hosting providers with which we have the best experience in terms of site speed and the support available.

What is the difference between WordPress development & WordPress maintenance?

There is a notable difference between WordPress development and maintenance. WordPress development involves building a website from scratch using the platform’s features and customization options. On the other hand, WordPress maintenance involves managing and updating an existing website to ensure it stays up-to-date and secure. As the owner of your website, you have full control over both the development and maintenance processes, and WordPress makes it easy to handle both tasks efficiently. It’s flexibility and open-source nature make WordPress an excellent choice for businesses seeking a powerful and customizable website platform.

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