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Foundation for Data-Based Decisions

First, you must trust your data. Then you can use that data for better decision-making. A Google Analytics audit is the first step to make sure your marketing performance is accurately tracked, focusing on the metrics most important to your business objectives.

What’s Included?

Web analytics and audits are our specialty. We’ll evaluate your analytics accounts so they accurately reflect your marketing channel performance.

  • Ensuring your web analytics — including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and similar systems — are appropriately configured for your website, marketing channels, and business goals
  • Organizing your tracking codes into a Tag container to avoid triggering conflicts and slowing down your website download speed
  • Configuring web conversions and micro conversions (visitor behaviors that indicate engagement and interest, such as viewing a video, reading a specific page, etc.) for accurate tracking

What is your data telling you?

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A Data Checkup

An audit often uncovers errors in reporting or data inconsistencies that could distort performance and lead generation metrics. That’s why an audit is one of the first projects we recommend. Without it, there are too many unverified variables to create a solid digital marketing strategy. With a comprehensive analytics audit, you’ll be confident in making data-driven marketing decisions.

Frequently Asked

Why do a Google Analytics Audit?

A Google Analytics audit’s main goal is to ensure that your data is accurately collected from all your marketing channels. Audits frequently uncover configuration errors that may skew information, cause data gaps, or double-count important metrics. An audit provides peace of mind that you can rely on accurate data to make informed decisions.

How does an Analytics audit help my business?

Without an audited analytics account, marketers run the risk of making important decisions on faulty information. Our audits frequently uncover ways to fine-tune data collection and correct configuration errors. Digital marketing’s power is drawn from its ability to be measured. Accurate data is needed to track performance and calculate your marketing’s return on investment.

What if I don’t get an audit?

Spectrum is a data-driven marketing agency. We specialize in using data to manage online ads, SEO, and other marketing tactics. Without confirming your analytics are set up correctly, we can’t rely on its metrics. As such, we can’t do our best work in serving you.

Who owns the data and results of my Google Analytics audit?

Once the Google Analytics audit is complete, you own the audit findings and our recommendations. We believe you should own your Google Analytics account and its data. As your digital marketing partner, you grant us access and retain ownership.

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