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Step 2: Continue with Online Ads Management


For businesses beginning their digital marketing journey



Getting started with online ads:

  • Includes brand search campaigns only
  • Monthly automated reports
  • Quarterly collaborative meetings
  • Brand keyword analysis for paid search ads


For businesses enhancing their digital marketing strategies with online ads



Includes Starter plus:

  • Includes display ads, remarketing text ads, remarketing display ads, video ads, and AI managed ads
  • Channel Management
  • Weekly & monthly automated reports
  • Monthly collaborative meetings
  • 1 landing page analysis & recommendations
  • Ongoing keyword development & testing
  • Keyword analysis for paid search ads of 1 product/service


For Businesses with multi-channel marketing strategies



Includes everything in Essentials plus:

  • Includes Gmail Ads
  • Twice a month collaborative meetings
  • 2 landing page analysis & recommendations
  • Keyword analysis for paid search ads up to 3 product/service
  • Dynamic Keyword insertion on your ads
  • Customer match lists (finds customer lookalikes) & specialized targeting

NOTE: To properly manage your account and produce measurable results, we need to add a Google Analytics Audit and Setup project.

Online Ads Management

Complete Plan Comparison

Channel Management
Strategic bid management & A/B testing plan & setup with a minimum of $875 or 17.6% above a $5000 monthly spend/channel (Google/Bing/Yahoo/DDG).
Automated Reports
Campaign performance reports,
MonthlyWeekly & monthlyWeekly & monthly
Collaborative Meetings
60-minute status meetings to review results (required).
Landing Page Analysis & Recommendations
Review a landing page to improve conversion performance.
Up to 1 per monthUp to 2 per month
Dynamic Keyword Insertion into Ads
Automatically adding keywords into ads.
Ongoing Keyword Development & Testing
Monitor keyword performance, research & test emerging keyword opportunities.
PPC Keyword Research & Analysis
Videos provided by client.
Brand only1 product/serviceUp to 
3 product lines
Customer Match Lists
Upload lists so the Ad system finds “look-alikes”
Specialized Audience Targeting
Utilize options such as geographics, custom segments, affinity, in-market behaviors, etc.
Display Ads
Graphical and text ads that appear on targeted websites.
Imagery provided by client.
Gmail Ads
Ads that appear in non-paid Gmail email inboxes.
Remarketing Text Ads
Targeting to previous or returning visitors.
Remarketing Display Ads
Targeting to previous or returning visitors.
Video Ads 
Videos provided by client.
Artificial Intelligence Managed Ads
Using conversion values & automated bidding to improve performance.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked

How can Pay-Per-Click help my business?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising, when done well, increases leads and qualified website traffic. By bidding on key terms, online ads are viewed by potential customers looking for products or services. Online advertising is one digital marketing strategy to build awareness, find new customers, and grow revenue.

What’s your process for PPC?

Whether you’re new to online advertising or want to optimize an existing account, we begin our engagement with these steps:
1. Define your goals – PPC is powerful, but only if you have clear business and marketing goals. By answering “what does success look like?” we can create strategies to best meet your goals.

2. Create Online Ads – There are many components to creating and running successful ads, including compelling ad text, graphics, and videos, as well as landing pages that convert. Once launched, we’ll work with you on updating and optimizing those ad campaigns.

3. Examine the data – one of the many benefits of online advertising is the collection of performance data. By analyzing the data, we’ll recommend improvements and areas for additional testing to improve results.

4. Improve and Repeat – Effective PPC relies on an iterative, ongoing process of incremental improvements. We recommend reserving a percentage of your online ads budget dedicated to testing messaging, new search terms, etc.

What are the benefits of hiring a certified PPC Agency?

Partnering with the right PPC agency is an important decision. Relying on a marketing partner that’s ethical, knowledgeable, and responsive is particularly critical when you’re spending money on ads. That’s why working with a certified Google and Microsoft Advertising Partner like us makes sense.

To keep our partner designations, we must pass annual certification tests, adhere to each platform’s best practices, and maintain an Optimization Score of 70% or higher. We also have access to specialized training and beta products.

What is the difference between Google Ads and Microsoft Ads?

There are many differences between the two search engines and their online advertising platforms. First is the audience.

According to Search Engine Journal, 54% of Microsoft’s Bing users are 45 years old or older, with a third of them earning than $100,000 in household income. MS owns LinkedIn and provides enhanced audience targeting.

The second difference is search volume. Google has the greatest market share of all search engines. Plus, it owns YouTube, another important digital marketing channel with significant search volume.

Thirdly is cost. In our experience, keywords on Google Ads tend to be more expensive than on Microsoft due to Google’s larger audience and ad reach. Choosing which platform really depends on your industry, competitive landscape, budget, and business goals. Sometimes it makes sense to use both platforms to test online advertising strategies.

What are my payment options?

We strive to make it easy for you. We accept debit and credit payments via PayPal, ACH payments with Bill.com, and checks.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts to certified non-profit organizations and to clients who bundle multiple retainer services.

What’s the difference between a retainer and a one-time project?

We approach pricing in two ways: one-time projects and retainers.

A project is a one-time service with agreed-upon deliverables. Examples of one-time projects include an Analytics audit or Google Ads account setup. Projects are an excellent way to start a relationship, as they often provide foundational marketing elements.

A retainer is an agreement for ongoing marketing services. Details on this ongoing relationship will be mutually agreed upon via a simple contract. Retainers have many benefits, including:

  • A recurring expense that makes budgeting easier and consistent.
  • Marketing strategies and activities that build over time, parsing out deliverables into affordable chunks of time and effort.
  • Priority scheduling in work queues.
Can I change, upgrade or cancel my plan?

Once you’ve become a client, we will schedule an onboarding meeting to exchange information needed for us to work together. We’ll discuss your goals and your plan’s deliverables. If adjustments are needed, we’ll work together to find the best solutions and fit. At a minimum, we need a 30-day notice. We’ve built our agency on transparency and integrity. Read about what our clients say about our work and commitment to their success.

Not sure what services you need?

Answer a few questions about your marketing goals and we’ll help you find the right fit.