The Spectrum Difference

We get it. We get running a business is challenging. We get that keeping up to date with the latest marketing technologies is daunting, and often confusing. We get that the internet marketing industry is crowded with firms hawking a variety of services. Yet many don’t walk their talk, use disreputable practices, provide limited services or offer shallow expertise. We get that brand reputation is built over time, evidenced by diligent, ethical and client-focused work. That’s how we’re building our business. And, that’s the kind of clientele we serve.

Why We’re Different

We believe our success is directly measured by our clients’ success.  With 30+ years of combined online and marketing experience, we use sound marketing principles and translate them to the Web. Traditional marketing, like printed materials or radio advertising, isn’t dead. When used appropriately, they can be powerful mediums to drive traffic and sales. However, recent economic landscape changes have dramatically impacted how we run and market our businesses.

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Consumers are more informed, more demanding, more discerning. To stay viable, businesses need to measure the effectiveness of each marketing dollar spent. To stay competitive, businesses are expected to provide compelling content, engage prospective customers while strategically guiding them through the online sales process.

That’s where The Spectrum Group Online shines. Our marketing experience began in the analog world, and have successfully translated those lessons into the digital world.  An online marketing strategy is no different, only the mediums and tactics vary. At our core, we enjoy educating our clients, so they become more savvy consumers of technical jargon tossed about. We also provide strategic guidance, so time and effort isn’t wasted on the latest shiny new fad that quickly fizzles.

How We Do It

The Spectrum Group Online uses only White Hat techniques. What does that mean? Many online marketers try to cheat the system, manipulating search engines and using other tactics that don’t put the human component first. Our approach is simple in theory, yet complex in execution. First, design a website that’s a stable and attractive hub to your online presence. Second, consistently publish relevant and optimized content that your specific target market is interested in consuming. Third, be diligent in gathering an audience through offline and online networking. Lastly, refine your lead generation and conversion efforts to drive revenue.

That’s our recipe for success. We’d love the opportunity to help your business.