• Panda 4.1 Slow Rollout

    Cuteness or Cutthroat? Panda 4.1 is making SEO headlines. No, this isn't about the Panda triplets born two months ago in China (although they are awfully cute). It's the … [Continue Reading]

    Panda 4.1 Slow Rollout
  • Yahoo Directory RIP

    Saying Goodbye On December 31 the Yahoo Directory will be officially shut down after 20 years of service. This is actually important news as it was the product that made … [Continue Reading]

    Yahoo Directory RIP
  • Private Blog Networks, A No-No

    Google Smacks Down on PBNs Some SEOs are reeling from the recent number of massive manual actions taken by Google against Private Blog Networks. In this post I'll explain … [Continue Reading]

    Private Blog Networks, A No-No
  • Structured Snippets in SERPs

    Schema Comes To Life Today's post is a bit geeky. OK, a lot geeky. Google recently introduced structured snippets in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). I'll explain why … [Continue Reading]

    Structured Snippets in SERPs
  • Link Profile & Negative SEO

    Guard Against Negative SEO There are two main elements of SEO: content marketing and a positive link profile. In Google parlance, Penguin rewards quality pages and posts … [Continue Reading]

    Link Profile & Negative SEO